Preventative maintenance is one of the most cost effective ways of helping companies prevent unnecessary production loss and inconvenience, below are samples of how this can be achieved.


Infrared scanning, ultrasound inspections and power quality surveys.


This testing is used to reduce the risk of loss of power by taking a thermal picture of the defective equipment and recording high temperatures, thus preventing downtime and a loss of production, therefore a cost effective maintenance program.



Ultrasound inspections


This testing is used to complement the infrared testing and help determine if arcing and tracking are occurring. Also it is a great tool to help prevent arc flash incidents. It is a non intrusive, non destructive testing method.
By carrying out the non intrusive test above helps managers be pro-active not re-active thus saving time and money.


Power quality surveys


There are many ways in which electrical power can be of poor quality. Without proper power electrical devices or loads may fail prematurely or not operate at all. By carrying out voltage and current diagnostic tests, problems can be solved and money can be saved.