S & R Electrical Services offers over twenty years of electrical experience in Europe and Canada.

We believe that when choosing your electrical contractor it is very important to employ the one most suitable for the work to be completed on your behalf, the one who gives you confidence in the work they are about to complete in your home or work place, this ensuring that all the electrical needs have been met from start to finish in a professional manner and ensuring without doubt that safety for you, your family, friends, colleagues and themselves was paramount.

Our company does not like to "second guess" your requirements and needs, this does not give you or us a true indication of the scope of electrical work or materials required for the job. This is why we come to you, we take the time to look at each specific job allowing us to offer you a free, no obligation quote over a typical never seen the job estimate. This gains trust in a working relationship, giving you the knowledge of what can and can not be achieved at the best possible price helping you keep within your budget.